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Established in 2011 in Tel Aviv, and located in Brussles, Muslin Brothers (Tamar Levit and Yaen Levi) is named after muslin fabric that is widely used to make veils, men shirting and clothes prototypes prior to production. The studio acts as both a fashion brand and research studio to speculate about the way personal and social systems are shaped through clothes.


The duo’s work exists in the fertile ground between design and art, a poetic investigation into the experiential biography of non-designers clothing, collecting statements from makers, wearers and protocols. Using technologies of clothes-wearing and clothes production lines, systems of commerce and fashion documentation their work overlaps between wearables, spatial, performance, image-making and exchange of information. 


They complete a postmasters at the Advance performance and scenography research program Apass, Brussels.(2020) They hold a B.A in fashion design, from Shenkar, college of design and art, Israel (2010)

They were designers in residency at Arad contemporary art center (2020) Artez Academie Arnhem (2018) and London's CFE (2016). Winners of the design award from the Israeli culture ministry (2018), PAIS grant for fashion design (2016), and designer of the year award, Tel Aviv (2012).

Their work has been shown on platforms such as the Kanal center Pompidou Brussels, Stockholm Art University, London fashion week, Tisch Gallery New York,  Israeli Museum,  the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Jerusalem design week, and Holon design museum.

The duo facilitates workshop and guest lectures in MAD brussels, ArtEZ Arnhem, Parsons New York, Cranbrook academy Michigan, Shenkar College of design and Art Tel Aviv, and Bezalel academy of Art Jerusalem. 


Muslin Brothers Fashion Collective Tamar Levit and Yaen Levi, Tel Aviv Israel



2004-2008 – B.A of fashion design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Israel.

2019-2020 – Post masters, Artistic research, A.pass, Brussels.

Awards / Achievements

2015 – PAIS grant upcoming fashion designer, Israel.

2016 – Residency at Centre for Fashion Enterprise, London. U.K

2018 - Residency at ArtEZ Academie, Arnhem, The Netherlands

2018 - Israeli Ministry of Culture 2018 Design Award.

2020 - Residency at ACAC Arad, Israel

Performance / Installation / Exhibition

2012-2020 – "Urban intervention" - Ongoing investigation Human graffiti, Tel Aviv, Prague, Venice, London

2013 – “Best Before" Durational installation, Holon Design Museum, Israel.
2017 – "Blue 6x6" Performance, Tel Aviv Art Museum, Israel

2017 – "I'm Feeling Lucky" - Participatory installation, Jerusalem Design Week, Israel

2017 – “Cutting Edges: Israeli Fashion & Design” Group exhibition at Laurie M. Tisch Gallery, New York, USA.

2018 – “Fashion Statement - decoding Israeli dress” Group exhibition at The Israeli Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.

2018 – “Drip” Durational fashion installation, Jerusalem Design Week, Israel.

2019 - “Stuff we need” Installation, ArtEZ Academy, Arnhem.

2019 – “MOB and spatial wear collection” Durational installation - “Unsettled Studies” - Group exhibition, Performatik Biannual, Kanal - Centre Pompidou, Brussels, Belgium.

2019 – “Con-fitting Booth” Performance and Booklet - Apass, Brussels, Belgium. Alliances and commonalities conference, Stockholm University of Art.  

2020 – “Doing Time” spatial and video projection - Apass, Brussels, Belgium.

2020 – “Dopamine Pockets” Lecture Performance - Apass, Brussels, Belgium, Rose Archive Tel Aviv.

2020 – “Deviant Shop” Digital Presentation - Apass, Brussels, Belgium.

Workshop / Lecture Performance

2012 - "Urban intervention" Lecture performance, Holon Design Museum, Israel

2016 - Guest Lecture at Shenkar Academy, TLV, Israel

2017 - Guest Lecture at Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, Israel

2018 - Workshop, Artez Academy, Arnhem, The Netherlands.

2018 - Lecture Performance, Parsons, NY, USA.

2018 - Workshop, Cranbrook Academy, MFA, Michigan, USA.

2020 - Critiques guest - at graduation in B.A fashion studies - Parsons, NY, USA.

2020 - Lecture - Rose Archive, Shenkar, TLV.

2020 - Workshop - MAD Home of creatures, Brussels

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